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What is the influence of the bulletproof vest?
What is the influence of the bulletproof vest?Most people's understanding of bulletproof vests comes from Hollywood action movies, so they might be surprised when they hear that bulletproof vests are not completely bulletproof. Since wearing a body armor can also cause injury, do we still need to bu
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What is the development of bulletproof vests?
What is the development of bulletproof vests?Bulletproof vests make it possible for people to keep their lives under the attack of bullets, but it is not so obvious at first. What kind of development and change has the bullet-proof vest evolved into what it is now? To what extent is the body armor t
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How to measure the protection ability of bulletproof helmet?
How to measure the protection ability of bulletproof helmet?Whether it is a movie, a novel or a modern real war, the bulletproof helmet on the soldier's head is an essential standard, but can the bulletproof helmet resist the direct shooting of a modern assault rifle? How should we measure the prote
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How many types of bulletproof helmets are there?
How does bulletproof plate grade divide?Some military fans may know that bulletproof vests have different grades, but only a few know that bulletproof plates are graded and have different standards than bulletproof vests. So what do they rank on? Is the grade of bulletproof plate as high as possible
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