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Things you need to know about bulletproof helmet
Bulletproof helmet is a powerful protective tool for law enforcement personnel. It is very obvious to protect the body when carrying out tasks. Bulletproof helmet can even resist cutting tools, impingement of hard objects and liquid corrosion. So what should we know about ballistic helmet s before buying them?
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Is there a difference between a body armor and a bulletproof vest?
For those who are not military fans, they don't even know if bulletproof vests and body armor are the same thing, not to mention how many different types of bullet-proof vests are available. But what can be confirmed is that the bulletproof vest has saved the lives of countless people. How does it do it?
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Is it illegal to wear a bulletproof vest in public?
Bulletproof vests are always associated with shooting incidents in people's minds, and some people are worried about whether it is legal to wear bullet-proof vests in public places. So is the average person allowed to buy and sell body armor? Who might need to buy them?
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How thick is the metal used in bulletproof helmets?
Bulletproof helmets are familiar to military enthusiasts and most action movie fans, and along with bulletproof vests, they are essential protective gear for military operations. So can bulletproof helmets actually stop bullets? Does it use materials other than metal? How thick a piece of metal does the ballistic helmet need to be to prevent bullets?
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