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What is the thinnest bulletproof plate that exist?

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What is the thinnest bulletproof plate that exist?

When buying a bulletproof vest, you may be entangled in the question of how to choose a bulletproof plate, including its thickness and size, and the effect of its use? Some people are interested in what is the thinnest body armor plates available on the market, but in fact the thinner the bulletproof plate, the better?


What materials are there for the bulletproof plate?

How should I choose a bulletproof plate?

How does the bulletproof plate work in bulletproof vests?

How to choose the size of the bulletproof plate for yourself?


What materials are there for the bulletproof plate?

Silicon carbide ceramics are commonly used in bulletproof gloves at low prices, such as high hardness, low specific gravity, ballistic performance, and vehicle and ship protection. Protect people who transport personal safes and money. The ballistic performance of SiC ceramics is superior to alumina ceramics, which account for 70-80% of boron carbide ceramics. However, due to its low price, it is particularly suitable for applications where the quantity is large and the protective gloves should not be too thick or heavy. The bulletproof plates also include silicon carbide protective plates and composite bulletproof plates. You can use steel, ceramics, Dyneema polyethylene or a combination of Class III or Class IV materials to improve the vest. Generally, lighter panels are more expensive.


How should I choose a bulletproof plate?

For most customers, the IIIA vest prevents everyday pistol problems. However, if you find areas that really need to worry about sniper fires and serious conflicts, it is a good idea to add a hard body armor plates to the vest. When deciding to use bulletproof plate upgrade protection, it is best to ask yourself a few questions.


Will you move a lot? Do you need to be able to act quickly? How long will you wear a bulletproof vest? If you don't have to wear a vest quickly, or if you don't use it for a long time, consider buying a steel plate. They are heavier and weigh only 13 pounds, but they provide the protection you need. The ceramic composite panel has a maximum weight of 7 pounds per board (our weight is 5.65 pounds). This is still a heavy burden when trying to move quickly. If you will have to move quickly, consider buying a more comfortable lightweight board. These plates are more expensive, but weigh nearly five pounds.


When deciding on the body armor that suits you, carefully weigh your choice. Wearing any bulletproof vest, even a bulletproof vest with a bulletproof panel, you will still be subjected to the force of the bullet, but this force will spread out and the possibility of serious injury to you is small. We recommend that you get used to wearing a vest in a safe area before entering a hazardous environment. With or without plates, you can adapt to the weight of the vest, so you can move safely and efficiently.


How does the bulletproof plate work in bulletproof vests?

The bulletproof vest is made of very strong, very durable fiber called Kevlar. Kevlar was originally designed for the latest and best tires, but it turned out to be stronger than anyone thought. The fibers are then woven together very closely to form a ballistic panel that is now used in transportation. Kevlar's approach to panels hasn't changed much over the years because it works so well.


As Kevlar fibers are woven together, they become more and more solid. The bulletproof panels used in bulletproof vests today are made of multi-layer woven Kevlar fibers. Each layer adds a degree of protection to the plate. Some boards are thicker and heavier than others. This is because of the heavier, thicker panels designed to withstand larger rebounds, while the typical panels used for everyday wear are light and thin.


When the bullet comes into contact with the plate, the fiber absorbs the impact and disperses the energy throughout the panel. When using bulletproof vests for the first time, the fact that energy needs to be dissipated is not known. Many people were protected by the actual penetration of the bullets, but later the impact of the bombs suffered internal damage and died. Internal organs are very sensitive to extreme shocks. To avoid injury, developers have found that Kevlar needs to be woven together to spread the energy in the bullets.


How to choose the size of the bulletproof plate?

When buying bulletproof plates, the quagmire of price and protection levels can be a common pitfall. Although this is of course an important balance point, it is not the only important factor. The correct size nameplate is just as important as the correct degree of protection. There are many factors that determine the size of the plate, including the size and shape of the torso, the type of plate holder used, the task set, and personal preferences. Here are some general guidelines that you can use to narrow your selection.


Ballistic bulletproof panels do not provide complete torso coverage. Instead, they are designed to cover your most important organs - primarily your heart and lungs and their neighbors. With this in mind, you can use a tape measure to determine coverage and find the best matching plate size.

Height: For most body types, you want to start with the collar and tape starting along the body. The centerline of the torso should be about two to three inches above the navel.

Width: The width between the nipples is a good baseline. You may need to measure a wider distance based on your body, but if the tape measure starts to wrap around the sides of the torso, you are going too far.


Most armor panels are based on the US military's medium-sized SAPI board and measure 9.5" W x 12.5" H. Since there is no real standardization between board manufacturers, the commercial "standard" used loosely is typically 10" W x 12" H. Don't just look for small, medium, large, and assume you will get a certain size. After selecting the make and model of the plate you want to purchase, check the actual dimensions in the product specifications and find the closest set of numbers to the values you measured yourself.


Some people think that you should buy a plate that is one size larger than the actual size to increase coverage. There is nothing wrong with this, but there are some factors to consider here. Can you move comfortably? If you sit or kneel down, the board may be too long to hit your neck or under your chin. If you carry a weapon, can you use it correctly? A board that is too wide may prevent you from placing your rifle butt on your shoulders or you may not be able to get the proper pistol shooting position. A plate that is too wide may prevent you from wrapping your arms. This can be a serious problem if you have to climb or cross obstacles or drag a colleague or a loved one to safety.


There are various kinds of bulletproof plates made of different materials and sizes on the market. Although the thinner body armor plates s are more expensive, it is recommended that you choose the bulletproof plates for your body armor according to your actual situation. If you are looking for rigorously tested high quality bulletproof panels, SHANDONG HUIERDA TRADING CO., LTD offers you the best products.



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