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Based on its strong technical research and development power, Shandong Hilltop has become one of the military and civil purpose armor protection products suppliers that with the most strength in China. Its products involve in areas such as individual soldier comprehensive and special military and civil purpose vehicle armor protection. The body armor products series includes bullet-proof vest, bullet-proof plate, bullet-proof helmet, bullet-proof visor, anti-thrust vest, etc. For vehicle armor system,it has all types of bullet-proof plates, bullet-proof glass, anti-landmine floor, bullet-proof lining, bullet-proof tire, explosion-proof fuel tank and so on. A technical and products system including body armor, Vehicle armor protection area, the related technology and products performance has reached the advanced level of similar technology both from home and abroad.

Explosion-proof Blanket is mainly used for isolating temporary explosives, temporary storage and disposal of the explosives and protection of the valuables. It is necessaries for public security, airport, railways, customs ports, stadiums, shopping malls, hospital, school, subway aviation, railways, cultural entertainment places, kindergarten and bank.

  • Explosion-proof Blanket for Police
    BT-160 TYPE Double Fence Explosion-proof Blanket (Bomb Suppression Blanket) choose excellent fragment-resistant aramid fiber as the basic material. Adopt special sewing process to make. The explosion-proof blanket is light weight, easy to carry, simple operation and superior anti-explosion performance.



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